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Renaissance is a “Training and Professional Development Institution”, committed to bring a positive change and to develop a professional culture in the professional fields.

The name "Renaissance Training and Professional Development Institute" reflects the needs for a different paradigm of how to use human capital properly in organizational setup and in the personal learning process. The Institute’s operational policy is an ongoing process of collecting successful principles and practices pertaining to the use of human resources in development and learning by bringing together the renowned experts.

Renaissance has great ability to help individuals and organizations to create their destinies with the assistance and guidance of very experienced professionals who are exploring the appropriate use of life changing principles in education and learning. Our trainers are practitioners in the field of education and human resource development. Our team members have over 15 years of experience in education, human service, project designing and implementation programs, making use of latest research and development in allied fields.

The professional team of Renaissance facilitates you in real sense, to identify and address your professional, individual and institutional concerns at right time and in appropriate manner for effective and efficient services at your end.

We would also like to assert that all of our work (i.e. seminars, workshops and trainings) is unique in nature. The blending of behavioral, social and spiritual sciences within management training programs, in addition to give participants knowledge (what to do) and skills (how to do it) has proven to bring a sustainable change in the attitude of participants, (i.e. creates a want to do)

Renaissance has great ability to impart training workshops in languages (Dari, Pushto, Urdu and English).

To struggle for socio-economic uplift of the deprived, their rehabilitation and to ensure sustainable growth in education, population welfare, research and training.

Capacity building for the sustainable institutional development and    education system, leading towards enhanced quality.
To provide the society, socially responsible and highly skilled individuals    to bring a positive change.

We want to become a renowned institution responsible for bringing a positive change in the society through capacity building.

Honesty and dedication
Professionalism and integrity
Commitment and team work
Realization of social responsibilities
Encouraging and facilitating the deprived community

Commitment to bring a positive change


Capacity building of the personnel of Educational Institutions

Students Career Development
Capacity Building of Social Sector Organizations

Capacity building of the personnel of Educational Institutions

  To impart professional training in Effective Teaching, Curriculum     Development, Administration, Examination, Teachers Induction / Training in     order to stimulate innovative activities and there implementation.

To provide a comparative study with facts and figures to facilitate     institutions in Educational Planning and Management.

Students Career Development

To conduct counseling sessions to help students in choosing better career    and  Workshops/Seminars to impart basic information on mobilization of    educational  resources.

To conduct social awareness programs especially in educational institutions.

Capacity Building of Social Sector Organizations

To establish coordination and networking amongst donor agencies, Govt.     Departments, Local Administration and NGOs/CBOs to overcome difficult     situations.

  The Centre will be linked with the concerned departments of certain    national  and international universities for systematic study of women    behavior towards  society and vise versa.

To conduct surveys and undertake statistical data compilation in education,     health, population welfare and environment.





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