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University of Abertay Dundee

Professional Training Program

List of Training Workshops

Renaissance believes on quality delivery through practical implementation of suggested good practices. Therefore, our training programs are based on maximum practical exercises. All the training programs are presented through lectures, mop exercises, presentations and case reviews.

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  Training Programs for Education Sector

• Assessment and Evaluation with special focus on developing
• Classroom Management with special focus on Discipline
• Motivational Strategies for Effective Teaching
• Audio Visual Aids for Effective Learning
• Teachers as Role Models
• Stress Management
• Student-centered Learning
• Innovative Strategies for Effective Teaching
• Active Reading
• Guidance and Counseling
• Study Skills
• Lesson Planning
• Effective use of Complete English Series
• Language Teaching and Population Education
• Evaluation Techniques in Education
• Dealing with problem students
• Communication skills
• Classroom management
• Collaborative learning
• Creative writing skills
• Multiple Intelligence
• Collaborative learning
• How to keep students motivated towards studies
• How to help your child with doing homework
• Subject based Trainings (i.e. methods of teaching science or
   arts subject)

  Career Counseling and Development
(in collaboration with ACE Dimensions, Lahore)

• Making the SMART Career Choice
• Turning your dream into action steps
• Communication for Career Success
• Dealing with Difficult People
• No “Nonsense” Attitude for Success
• Turning Setbacks into Opportunities
• Learning to Learn and Grow
• Securing the Job of Your Choice – Resume Development and
   Job Search
• Securing Success in the Job Interview

  Social Awareness Programs
(in collaboration with ACE Dimensions, Lahore)

• Change your Lens, Change your World
• The Magic of Positive Thinking
• The Magic of Positive Living
• Career Counseling
• Teachers as Role Models
• The Road to Success
• Knowledge is Power
• Kill the Anger before it kills you

  Capacity Building of Social Sector Organizations
(in collaboration with ACE Dimensions, Lahore)

• Leading change-from the inside out
• Making change work-practices and principles of change
• Crafting a customer responsive organization
• Learning to learn-creating learning organizations
• Healing the organizational soul through fast T.R.A.C.K.
• Leadership 63-leading from the inside out
• Making the difference together-teaming from the inside out
• 30 second manager-managing from the inside out
• Peak performance-art and science of achievement
• Creating a self-motivated team-inspiration from the inside out
• Customer intimacy-service from the inside out







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