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University of Abertay Dundee

What You We Learn from our Workshops

What you will learn through Training Programs
Education Sector Training Programs increase your capacities to:

  •  Understand teaching concepts
  •  Realize a more open and willing attitude towards teaching and see it as  a challenge and opportunity for personal and professional growth
  •  Examine student behavior and problematic issues in need of change.
  •  Consider the relevance of self-confidence and use clear and concise  communication when implementing change in education initiatives.
  •  Your road to success in your profession by using

            i. Consultation Techniques
            ii. Persuasion Techniques
            iii. Negotiation techniques

  •  Organize lesson plan, get objectives and review the progress of your  students.
  •  Build your capacity to assess the student needs.

Career Counseling and Development
The Training Programs in this sector will increase your capacities to:

  •  Choose and plan their education, career and needs and implement  decisions about their future in a well-planned manner.
  •  Plan, implement and achieve their future goals.
  •  Practice integrates all sorts of skills for the student: writing, critical  thinking, rhetorical skills.





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