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University of Abertay Dundee


Our Services
We provide the following services to students and educational institutions

To Students
Pace provides the following services to students who want to study abroad:

  Free Career Counseling and Guidance
  Information regarding Courses offered by Universities.
  Provide students with current prospectus and up-to-date resource     material of portfolio institutions
  Admission process.
  Visa requirements and procedures information.
  Boarding & lodging assistance.
  Pre- departure information seminar / briefings
  Follow up of the students after arrival in UK, to ensure maximum     student    satisfaction
  Conduct & Arrange free Seminars for student Awareness
  Inviting & facilitating educational institutions from abroad for seminars     to  make presentations regarding their admission procedures,     requirements and   to facilitate on spot admissions

To Educational Institutions
  Arrange advertising, interviewing, selection, briefing and travel     arrangements
  Organize, support and coordinate promotional seminars, marketing and     recruitment activities, framing events in a way, which attracts the best     response from suitable applicants for our portfolio institutions
  Follow up application processing, short listing and referral procedures,     and  verification of documents
  Develop academic links and coordinating offshore campuses, conducting     market surveys and reports, analysis and recommendations
  Advise international offices on advertisement, accommodation,
    transport and   travel budgets
  Has an extensive range of specialist advisers and contacts in Pakistan     that  plan and arrange program of professional visits to meet the     objectives of the   individual clients
  Disseminates resources and promotional material, printing and     reproduction of   same
  Provide assistance for participation in exhibitions and staff support
  Provision of a full-time Business Centre fully equipped to cope with all     aspects   of business transaction, featuring an up-to-date range of     telecommunication   devices, computers and related audio-visual     equipment with trained staff to   provide efficient support services.






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