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University of Abertay Dundee

Case Studies:

Following are the comments of the successful students who process the admission and UK Student Visas.





Mohammad Zeeshan Ali

Liverpool John Moores

MSc. Interactive Multimedia

September 2004


Personal Statement:

It is a known fact that education plays a vital role in pursuit of a sound future by every young person. UK being a developed country is rendering enormous facilities in educational sector thus attracting attention of most of the students. I have recently completed my bachelor in IT.

After completion of my BIT, I decided to go abroad for my higher education. In the mean while I came to know about PACE consultants. Visa processing is a difficult process and requires various technical assistance. I approached PACE consultants for that particular assistance and they provided it to me. I am pleased to mention here that I got the visa without even being called for interview. This indicates immense hard work done by them and their professionalism. PACE consultants is the most propitious platform for that person who wants to go abroad in order to pursue his/her higher education.





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